Angel Darnell Mercer is one of the four brothers and was in the Marines. In one scene, Bobby asks him about the women in the Marine Corps. He is bobby's second in command and in a relationship with a girl named Sophie. None of the brothers like her but he doesn't care. He was adopted by Evelyn Mercer just like Jack, Jerry and Bobby was.

Evelyn's deathEdit

Evelyn was killed in a store robbery. This attracted all the brothers to return to Detroit and attend her funeral Angel didnt attend it but was at the house waiting for when his brothers would arrive.

Tracking down the Killer'sEdit

Angel and his brothers started investigating their mom's death and they eventually found and killed her two killers then they found out they were hired by Victor Sweet to rob the store. Sweet's men attacked the house and Jack died due to wounds he suffered in the fight.

The brothers then found out Lt.Greene's partner Fowler was working with Sweet and had killed Greene. Angel went to his house and had eventually got him killed by the Swat team. He was later interrogated as was his brother's who killed Sweet. They later started to rebeuild the Mercer house after the shootout.

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