Bobby Mercer photo
Name: Bobby James Mercer
Known aliases: THE GOD BEAST MODE
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Location: unknown
Known Relatives: Evelyn Mercer (mother; deceased),
Angel Mercer (adopted brother)
Jeremiah Mercer (adopted brother)

Jack Mercer (adopted brother; deceased), Thomas Mercer (adopted brother mentioned)

Birth: Unknown
Portrayed By: Mark Wahlberg

Robert James "Bobby" Mercer is the main protagonist of the film . He is oldest brother of the group and the toughest. He has a soft spot for his brothers and will add a little comedy into everything. He is especially protective over Jack, despite his routine teasing, but frequently relies on Angel as his right hand man. He is apparently hard to reach since leaving home, according to Jeremiah ("Jerry") Mercer and not much is revealed in the film about his personal life. (Special features of the film reveal he resides in Chicago before returning to Detroit to settle the death of his mother, but it is implied in the end of the movie that Bobby intends to stay in Detroit.)

It is assumed he spent time incarcerated in the beginning of the film, when Sargent Greene educates his current partner (Fowler) about the Mercer brothers and their history. He is known as the "Michigan Mauler" from his professional hockey days, but was kicked off the team for his excessive number of altercations. He tried to keep his brothers protected and acts as the lead figure of the family after Evelyn's death.

Tracking down Evelyn's killersEdit

The brothers tracked down her killers and killed them and then they found out they were hired by Victor Sweet to rob the store. Then the brothers attacked at the Mercer house and Jack died of this incident. They got to Victor Sweet where Bobby fought him to the death and he also won.

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