Detective Fowler.

Detective Charles Fowler was the partner of Lieutenant Green and had done business with gangster Victor Sweet about Evelyn Mercer's murder and other acts of crime.

After meeting up with Green in a pub his police badge was taken from him for being a dirty cop. But his life outside the Detroit police department was short-lived, since he shot Green to cover up the scams with Sweet.

Later out the movie, the brothers found out about Fowler and his killing of Green. The brothers then set up a plan to dispose Fowler by sending Angel to his house with a wire and then having him rat himself out by telling Angel his affiliations with Victor Sweet.


After getting the upper hand on Angel, Fowler took him hostage and brought him outside the home with SWAT officers all over the streets. Fowler, knowing he would get jailtime, opened fire on the teams, ending with him getting shot in the knee and then shot fataly in the chest, bleeding to death in the snow.

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