Green with his partner Fowler.

Lieutenant Terrence Green was a cop who was friends with Bobby Mercer and played hockey with him. He had a partner named Fowler.

Evelyn's deathEdit

Evelyn Mercer was a woman who adopted Bobby Angel Jerry and Jack. She was killed in a store by two robbers and this brought the brothers back for her funeral. Eventually the two robbers were found dead by the police and Greene got a hair sample which matched Bobby's DNA. Greene and Fowler went to the Mercer house and interrogated Bobby because he had promised he wouldnt get caught up in the investigation. Bobby denies all of this.

Eventually the brothers and Greene found out Fowler was working with Victor Sweet who had hired the two robbers. After a shootout at the Mercer house Jack the youngest brother dies of his wounds.

Fowler was tracked down by Angel Mercer who fights him the cops arrive but when Fowler points his gun at them they shoot him twice killing him.


After finding out that Fowler was a dirty cop, Green went to a local pub to meet up with him and "fire" him. After a discussion about Evelyn, Green hit Fowler with his cue stick saying "I hate dirty cops" and then takes his police badge. As Green walks out the backdoor of the pup, he is shot in the chest by Fowler, proving his dirty cop status. He then shoots Green in the head and calls in a fake backup to cover his murder.