Jeremiah André "Jerry" Mercer is the second oldest brother of the four and was the caretaker for Evelyn during the later years. He is a married man with two kids.

Evelyn's deathEdit

Evelyn Mercer was his adoptive mother who was killed in a store by two robbers. He attended her funeral as did his brothers.

Tracking down the KillersEdit

Jerry didn't attend any of the shootings and had tried to pay off Sweet's men. Victor Sweet was the man who hired the two killers to kill Bobby and Angel, and to kill Bobby's wife, Jane.

One day Sweet's men attacked the Mercer house and this killed Jack. Jerry set up a deal for him and Bobby to try and make an amends but they found out it was a trap and Bobby fought Sweet to the death. Bobby won and they were abducted by the police and were interrogated by the Police as was Angel then after they were released they fixed up the wrecked Mercer house.

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